Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ssshhh! We’re sleeping!

Just updating the blog to let everyone know that C2toDS is not dead, just dormant while I and Liam focus on school and work. 

Also, a bit disappointed by the lack of involvement in the Developer’s Challenge I posted a while back. I suppose 10 cobs/agents was a lofty goal, considering I’ve gotten none! So I’d like to ask, what is the greatest obstacle to you developing? What would help remove that obstacle? Do you struggle with graphics, coding?  Post it in the comments!


  1. My biggest problem is that I've never coded anything before. Plus, like you, classwork keeps me pretty tied up.

  2. My biggest problem? ADHD-fueled laziness. In the past, I found developing to be a fun and amusing pastime, but as I ran out of ideas for genetic breeds and my inability to make sprites became more of a hindrance, the process of developing started looking more like a chore and less fun.

    Hence why genetic breeds from me these days are few and far in between, when back in the day I'd churn out at least one a week.

    Other than laziness, I also can't make sprites - like, at all. My art skills are utterly horrible, and so I'm limited to using what the games provided (or what someone else can churn up, which is extremely rare).

  3. It's been over twelve years since I've been actively involved in the community, and I've been playing Creatures on-and-off since C1's first American release- I've had dozens of ideas for objects, metarooms, and breeds, but, unfortunately, a lack of time and knowledge makes development difficult. Although I have graphic design/illustration experience, I know nothing about 3D modeling; in addition to this, the level of work which goes into the creation of a breed, for example, is extremely time-consuming- a genuine labor of love.

    I don't know anything at all about coding (beyond HTML/CSS), but, would it be even remotely possible to create a graphical program which would aid in the creation of metarooms, objects, or breeds? A program which would auto-create the myriad of sprites for a breed, for example? (I am not talking about something which would draw the sprites themselves, but rather, a program which would rotate/position the base visual components of a breed and write them into the necessary sprite forms) I think that there would be a genuine burst of activity were the process of creation made easier. I would be incredibly likely to put art towards a breed, for example, were there a way to just do the art and not have to worry about, as I said, the extremely tedious process of resizing/rotating every possible sprite angle/size. I am aware that this is a lot to suggest, and most likely a pretty pie-in-the-sky dream, but, this is my ideal for Creatures development.

  4. For me the greatest obstacle to developing is coding. Building the sprites, I enjoy it & can build them fairly fast. Ideas, I have about 50, possibly more ideas for agents & cobs, mainly different types of plants & critters for the creatures to eat, but the coding is what stops me from building any of them.

  5. I'd love to make some agents, but the problem is I can't seem to find a list of the CAOS commands and what they do. I can't even make an agent that injects in C3 inject into DS even if all the sprites and everything are already present, using easyPRAY etc.

    1. That is, I've found one or two, but just cannot figure out how to make them work, because DS still rejects the agent even if I think they should work.