Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Day of the Triffids!

Here’s just a snapshot of one of the crazy things that can happen when developing!  The maker of C2toDS brings you…

Fun Fact: The Triffid plant in Creatures 2 is believed to have gotten it's name from the novel "The Day of the Triffids" by John Wyndham.

Lack of Updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates.  It’s a major pain to be running Creatures 2 on a virtual machine, so that slows down development a lot!  If anyone wants to buy me the GoG version of The Albian Years, you go right ahead! lol

That minor obstacle aside, I have been working diligently on a couple of things, namely the plants of Albia.  Did you know the Spinnomosa Aridus cactus only blooms at night, and doesn’t grow during winter?

Morever, did you know many of the flora and fauna from Creatures 2 got their “latin” names from Creatures players? 

For example, the glow worm is Ali, from Albia2000: “Solarvermes alimaggsii”

Helen, from Helen’s Bibble Directory, got the snail: “Cepaea helenii

But here is something particularly interesting!

The Capillata (the ship on which Docking Station takes place), got it’s name from “Cyanea capillata”, a jellyfish in Creatures 2, and a real jellyfish species.

Want to know more about the ecology of Albia?  Check out the Creatures 2 species list!