Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terra Reborn

Terra Reborn is a beautiful, well crafted room, and it was one of the first to bring that touch of the former worlds back to Docking Station. 

I often inject other people’s metarooms and play a bit to glean some inspiration from the room and the series.  As I played Terra Reborn I remembered it’s primary complaint at release: it overlapped with the Creatures 3 Norn Terrarium, making it impossible to use in a docked DS world.

It struck me that now that the Map has been expanded, there’s no need to worry about room placement, and Terra Reborn wouldn’t be that hard to move.

I set about an hour aside yesterday and moved it, so it is now injectable in a Docking Station world docked with the C3 Ark. 

With Liger’s permission, I am releasing it.  Those of you who visit the NEW Creatures IRC Chatroom, got a chance to use it early yesterday. :)

Enjoy this touch of Albia while you wait for C2’s next release. :)

Notes: It is not compatible with C3 Standalone, and does not have it’s own Room Icon (It actually used the C3 Norn Terrarium’s.)

[Room Plan Notes:]

X: 10032 Y: 0 Width: 2688 Height: 1111