Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Granary

As mentioned on the C2toDS Facebook Fanpage, the Granary is a large silo capable of being filled with tasty foods, fruits and seeds.

Even after I fine-tune the C2toDS ecosystem, Albian winters are still long and harsh, and many species of plants won’t be able to tolerate the cold for such a long time. Automated replenishment will be an option, but for those of you who enjoy taking an active part in a realistic world, the granary will help you fend off the starvation of your beloved pets.  Collect and harvest any food, fruit, or seed and keep it for those long, cold winter months.

A sufficiently stocked granary will give you plenty of time to wait for the warmth of spring, after the final frosts, to reseed the world with the various seed dispensers in Albia.

How it works:

You can manually drop any food, fruit, or seed into the granary, but for easy collection, you will also be able to shift-click to harvest everything laying on the ground nearby.  Once it’s in the granary, there is no easy way to retrieve it without vending everything in the silo, so be sure you want to store it before putting it in!

Nothing in the granary ever spoils, and it is also labeled as a dispenser, so Creatures should learn to use it themselves just as they would any other vendor—just be sure they don’t wipe out your supplies the first day and leave it to rot on the open ground!