Wednesday, February 2, 2011

C2toDS Release 2!

The highly anticipated C2toDS Release 2 has arrived and it’s jam-packed with all kinds of goodies!

Such additions include:

  • Full transportation system, including to and from Albia and the Capillata
  • A wide variety of Albian plants and wildlife
  • New additions to C2 such as the Air Trolley (among other exciting additions)
  • New vendors
  • Toys!
  • ...and a few secrets to discover! ;)

Get it here!

And don’t forget to get the music here!

The first release had dependency bugs and would not inject. If you were unable to install the first release, you can re-download the whole thing above, or download this somewhat smaller patchSorry for the inconvenience.

This release is far from finished. Send bug reports to:

C2toDS (-at-) (CAOS errors only, please)

And as always, we love your feedback! Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page. :)


Credits and Shout Outs!

I forgot to put this in the credits, but I really should give a big shout out Elastic Muffin for giving us a sub-domain and bandwidth to host C2toDS so we don’t have to deal with those nasty file-share sites!  Thanks EM!

Also, thanks to Aquashee, for assisting me with some post-release beta testing, and for ideas and suggestions. :)

And of course, Liam, my partner in crime, for coding things, and a whole boatload of other Liamnessness…plus for poking and prodding me into make a new release. ;)

And last but not least, the community, for not dying on me! Stay strong! Stay supportive! Keep developing, commenting, drawing, writing, or whatever it is you do to contribute to the Creatures Community. Thanks!