Saturday, February 12, 2011

Developer’s Challenge! #1


Spending hours upon hours developing C2toDS, I rarely get to actually go back and play Creatures 2, but I can think of many awesome cobs I loved to play with, and many things I wanted to add to C2 (Which become inspiration for things I’m doing in C2toDS!).

So I got to thinking, why not put out a challenge of sorts?  C2 was a great, if neglected, game. There was so much that could have been done, but never was.  I want to see more for C2. Things to inspire me, things to make me want to play it!

In short, I want to see 10 new cobs for Creatures 2.

But that’s not all! I also want to see things from Creatures 2 brought to DS/C3.

I want 10 new agents either based on something in C2, cobs from C2 converted (with permission from their respective owners) to DS/C3, cobs originally for C2 remade and re-imagined for DS, or cobs made specifically for C2toDS.

And finally, there might be something in it for those who make cobs! Maybe I’ll port your cobs to C2toDS, maybe you’ll get to beta-test the next release, or maybe you’ll get a sneak peak at something I’m doing on the side! ;) 

Either way you’ll be rewarded by enriching the community with your contributions and helping to inspire Liam and I to develop!

There’s no deadline for this challenge, or limit to the number of contributions, so start developing!



Not an agent engineer or a cobbler and feeling left out? Don’t! More opportunities in various categories will be given, so that everyone can do their part! :)


  1. I've been wondering, what's your view on fanfic? It's what I'm good at.

  2. Now this is a smart idea mmm... what should I convert?

  3. Fanfics, fanart, and other categories of challenges will be coming later. :)

  4. InsanityPrelude (the artist formerly known as DClick)February 12, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    Anonymous there almost makes me want to try and rewrite my old C2 fic so it doesn't suck. Almost.

  5. Haha. You don't want *my* C2 cobs ported to C3/DS, that's for sure :)

    ( Oh jeez the sprites, they are awful... what in the heck was I thinking, I had no artistic talent at age 13.)

  6. I'm having c2tods problems. Those deathcap mushrooms. They get everywhere, and no matter how many I kill-hots, there still seem to be more. Any advice on getting rid of them?

  7. Problems with C2toDS should go to either the forums at,, or my e-mail listed in the release post. I can't trouble-shoot here.

  8. An idea for a COB I might code for C2, and your input?

    An egglayer for C2 like the DS or C3 one.
    It has a picture of each breed, and four buttons. One changes the breed, the next moves forward, the next moves backwards, and the last lays an egg of the breed shown. For sprites, maybe reuse C3's egglayer?

  9. If you, or someone else can get it to work, go for it!

  10. Wouldn't it be cooler to remake the C2 hatchery, though? Just sayin'. :)

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