Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lack of Updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates.  It’s a major pain to be running Creatures 2 on a virtual machine, so that slows down development a lot!  If anyone wants to buy me the GoG version of The Albian Years, you go right ahead! lol

That minor obstacle aside, I have been working diligently on a couple of things, namely the plants of Albia.  Did you know the Spinnomosa Aridus cactus only blooms at night, and doesn’t grow during winter?

Morever, did you know many of the flora and fauna from Creatures 2 got their “latin” names from Creatures players? 

For example, the glow worm is Ali, from Albia2000: “Solarvermes alimaggsii”

Helen, from Helen’s Bibble Directory, got the snail: “Cepaea helenii

But here is something particularly interesting!

The Capillata (the ship on which Docking Station takes place), got it’s name from “Cyanea capillata”, a jellyfish in Creatures 2, and a real jellyfish species.

Want to know more about the ecology of Albia?  Check out the Creatures 2 species list!


  1. Very interesting: I wasn't aware that many of the Latin names weren't actually Latin at all! That had to have been quite an honor. Seems like there are so many little pieces of trivia surrounding Creatures: Makes everything all the more exciting!

    Do you have the original Creatures 2 disk? I'll be installing my copy eventually, and running it on Windows Vista. I plan on keeping track of the steps, and also figuring out how my brother got Creatures 1 working.

    As always, keep up the great work!

  2. I have to run my Creatures 2 on a virtual machine because C2 will not work on Vista (but if you get it working by some miracle, please write a tutorial!). :/ That's what makes development a bit slow for me... The only one that does work on Vista is the GOG version of Albian Years linked above.

    Thanks for your comments by the way. I enjoy comments a bunch!

  3. Getting you a copy right now.

  4. A quick way of boosting readers, when you do finish a plant or critter post it on the blog so it can be downloaded and shows up in the hand. It's not hard but quite cool.

  5. I knew about the cactus blooming at night, but the other stuff is interesting. The species list has several more things named after community members, I can't list them all here. Some are adorable.

    Did any of the C3 "organisms" ever get proper pseudo-latin names?

  6. Comments are always wonderful: I get so excited when I get one over on my blog! Ha ha!

    As for the Creatures 3 organisms and their "Latin" names, I found a link via the Creatures Wiki which has a great ecology reference. Does anyone know if any of those were named after members of the community?

  7. I at least C2 installs on your virtual machine, I can't get it to in win7Pro's XP virtual machine. I still refuse to buy the albian years since I own three disks of the games already. Makes me sad I can't play the games because of 'OS Unknown' errors.

  8. Thanks for that ecology reference. Though I am now confused by the gnats.cos

  9. I was reading through a C++ book and found a name of a compiler called borland... Remind you of something or someone?

  10. It is indeed where the name for the Borland C...er I mean "Sea" monster came from. ;)