Wednesday, February 2, 2011

C2toDS Release 2!

The highly anticipated C2toDS Release 2 has arrived and it’s jam-packed with all kinds of goodies!

Such additions include:

  • Full transportation system, including to and from Albia and the Capillata
  • A wide variety of Albian plants and wildlife
  • New additions to C2 such as the Air Trolley (among other exciting additions)
  • New vendors
  • Toys!
  • ...and a few secrets to discover! ;)

Get it here!

And don’t forget to get the music here!

The first release had dependency bugs and would not inject. If you were unable to install the first release, you can re-download the whole thing above, or download this somewhat smaller patchSorry for the inconvenience.

This release is far from finished. Send bug reports to:

C2toDS (-at-) (CAOS errors only, please)

And as always, we love your feedback! Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page. :)


Credits and Shout Outs!

I forgot to put this in the credits, but I really should give a big shout out Elastic Muffin for giving us a sub-domain and bandwidth to host C2toDS so we don’t have to deal with those nasty file-share sites!  Thanks EM!

Also, thanks to Aquashee, for assisting me with some post-release beta testing, and for ideas and suggestions. :)

And of course, Liam, my partner in crime, for coding things, and a whole boatload of other Liamnessness…plus for poking and prodding me into make a new release. ;)

And last but not least, the community, for not dying on me! Stay strong! Stay supportive! Keep developing, commenting, drawing, writing, or whatever it is you do to contribute to the Creatures Community. Thanks!


  1. Woohoo! I know what I'm going to be doing with my next free hour :D

  2. When I get a new laptop, my old one will become a wolflingrunmachine running C2toDS ;)

  3. I can't seem to inject it! D:
    The first two parts inject fine, although the cheese machine that comes with part B breaks when it tries to make cheese.
    The other parts are either missing dependencies or report missing sprite files.

    I'll try redownloading.

  4. Same here. A and B inject fine but when I try to inject C it says a dependency is missing.

  5. That's because a dependency is missing... lol Give me about 30minutes and I'll fix it. :)

  6. When I click on "get it here!" or the patch it brings me to a page that says "Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Creatures 2 to Docking Station does not exist." for some reason..

  7. Thank you kindly! The only issue now is my game keeps asking for the file C2toDS.mng in the sounds folder, it says it can't find it.

  8. You can get it here if you're missing it:

  9. The big list of stuff with rainbow spew:
    1. The bees, honey-pots, beehive-box
    2. The weed-mushrooms
    3. The potatoes
    4. The trumpet flowers, their seeds, and their vendor
    5. That weird grasslike plant all over the incubator room, and to the left of the waterfall
    6. The C1 cable car
    7. The huge "leaf" above and to the right of the waterfall and the flowers growing on it
    8. The plants in the biome under the sea with the yellow raft
    9. All the plant-seed vendors apart from the carrot one, and the CL mushroom one
    10. The clams and sea anemones
    11. CL's toy dog
    12. The guitar and big triangle
    13. The vendor in the pear biome and the fruit it makes
    14. The walking plants, their seed launcher and their seeds
    15. The cable-hooks, all that stuff for the C1 cable car

    Unrelated notes:
    1. The carrots hover if transplanted out of C2
    2. A young grendel, male, banshee played the horn by the seaside and dropped dead for no apparent reason I can see. No loss though, he kept tormenting my bondi norns
    3. No doesers, or vendor for them?

    Finishing conclusions:
    1. Your room, and you are awesome
    2. I'm altogether to picky
    3. You might want to drop Ghosthande a PM on Ctopia or Ccaves for tips on how to deal with rainbow spew. It's the largest problem.

    Nice job Moe!

  10. YES! YES!!
    You guys are SO awesome!

  11. I haven't played with it for very long, but I've run into no outstanding bugs other than a few placement issues concerning the blue badberries on the bridge and the flowers in the chasm.

    All in all, very nice work.

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  13. Run into a problem trying to install part C (Plants). It keeps telling me the image file is missing (\Images\moe_c2tods_mush.s16). This happens regardless of whether I'm using DS stand alone or a docked world.

    EDIT: Actually I'm finding that with a few of the agents. It may be a domino effect from not getting the plants agent working, but several others are missing image files also.

    On a random note, I've discovered you can inject the transportation agent twice and get boats/rafts on both sides of the ocean :D

  14. Haha, I suddenly noticed that a gigabyte of bandwidth had suddenly been used by your subdomain. I guess I know why now. :) Looks fun, I'll have to try it later.

  15. Arch: That's odd; you definitely grabbed the patch as well?

    EM: Heh! Considering that it's only 30mb, that's over 33 downloads, nice. We can arrange for a mirror if it gets to the point where it becomes a nuisance.

  16. @Anonymous. Yes, this has not been tested for compatibility with Macs, as my usual mac tester, Malkin, is out of town, so large rainbow spews are likely. I am aware of how to fix it (as I was the first one to figure out how) but have not for this release. Apologies for what problems this has caused for Mac users.

    @Grendelman Placement issues will likely not be addressed. In my defense, it was worse in C2...

    @ArchDragon Are you certain you're using the updated release and/or the patch *on a new world*, *after restarting the engine*?

  17. I found out what happened with the grendel. Messed-up D-DNA from the Warp, the timing was just random.

    Also, sam999 has a mac and based on just how much he asks for new stuff you might want to PM him to ask if he'll test.

  18. Nice Job! Anything you can tell us about the next release? Like is Pitz gonna be in it? Pitz is awesome lol and are you gonna release some of the Creatures 2 breeds?

  19. We are not going to be converting any of the C2 breeds, though you can find some on the web that others have converted.

    Pitz will eventually be in C2toDS, but we can't say in which version he will appear.

  20. When's the spew being fixed?

  21. When it gets fixed. It's not a top high priority thing right now, but it will get fixed sooner or later.

  22. Could you post when? For example, "this release doesn't have rainbow spew."?

  23. We will let everyone know when it happens. :)

  24. One thousands of thanks for this awesome masterpiece!!

  25. Both times I've tried downloading it, on unzipping it tells me the C2toDS_World.agents file is corrupted. Something about a CRC error.

  26. Addendum: Tested it anyway; it injected, but... well, there's rainbow spew, and then there's this- the entire background blue and green static. So I guess it was corrupted after all.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  27. I'm having an issue with the cheese machine and the elevators. Both disappear upon activation, and the elevators don't have call buttons. I applied the patch, but it didn't correct this.

    That's my only problem with this release, though. Everything else looks wonderful! I don't want to give the impression that I'm unappreciative. The release is fantastic, and these little issues aren't going to keep me from playing. :) Thanks~

  28. I had the same problem with the cheese machine and the elevators - but not all of them. Mostly the metal ones. Otherwise, this is awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

  29. Any rainbow spew is because you're on a Mac. C2toDS is not Mac compatible yet. I don't know anything about the CRC errors though.

    Please disable your autokill and send me the errors for the cheese machine and elevators please!

  30. By the way, BEFORE you inject C2toDS, did you all remember to DELETE the old "moe_C2toDS_[insertnamehere]" images from your images directory? That might account for the cheese machines and elevators.

  31. "By the way, BEFORE you inject C2toDS, did you all remember to DELETE the old "moe_C2toDS_[insertnamehere]" images from your images directory?"

    ...Well, shoot. I'm embarrassed. That's what I got for being too eager and neglecting to look at the readme. This fixed the problem. Hehe, thanks a bunch, Moe!

  32. What I meant was "this is worse than rainbow spew." I'm on Windows... Vista, unfortunately.

  33. It's definitely rainbow spew, it's what happens when you -- for example -- start DS when your computer is in 16-bit mode, and then change it to 32bit mode. You'll see the same problem. It will get fixed when we get it mac compatible, but until then, I'm afraid there's not much we can do, AFAIA.

  34. WONDERFUL!!!!!! Been waiting to see a good, finished version of C2 in C3 for soooo many years. I've come bacmk to the game after a long break and am so happy it's still being developed. thank you so much can't wait for the next release :)

  35. Are there any mirrors? I was trying to redownload it to see if the CRC error is fixed, but it's estimating an hour to download when last night it took a few minutes. o.O I don't know if that's too much server load or a problem on my end or what though.

  36. Yes C2 is out!!! Awesome!!! Thanks Liam and Moe.

  37. It's beautiful, axesome !

    But I think c2toDS is incompatible with C1toDS :S
    I can't inject the two together, the last injected makes me an error in DS. When the last is C2toDS, DockingStation crashes during the saving (runtime error by engine.exe).

    How to solve this problem, please ?

    PS : Sorry for my poor english ^^"'

  38. You cannot solve the problem. C2toDS will not inject after C1toDS, but occasionally you can get C1toDS to inject after C2toDS.

    The error which prevents C2toDS installing after C1toDS is mysterious and unsolvable for the time being.

  39. Ok, thanks for answer :)

  40. hi i havent played C3 in a while but ive started it back up. however, i've had problems. a couple times I've used shift pause break to leave the world without saving and the game never really closes so I have to use control alt delete to close c3/ds. but then when I try to reload the world after doing this I get a C++ Runtime error and cant reopen the worlds!! are there any active creatures forums I can go to for help with this problem?? its frustrating to have to keep restarting new worlds


    Also, as a reminder, C2toDS is not compatible with C3 stand-alone. Your game must either be Docking Station, or Docking Station Docked with C3. :)

  42. I've found two problems thus far. One seems to be with the pears: whenever a Norn eats them, a weird bit of code pops up and makes me minimize it.
    Also, from time to time, a bunch of acorns and tomatoes appear in the HUD, behind the current Creature's head. :/

  43. No problems for me, though all my norns seem terrified when walking around the desert/bridge area - maybe due to the wee sandstorms or the lightning?

    Makes for cute photos but gets a bit boring seeing only the one expression after a while.

    Great job on it all though! <3

  44. OMG! I gave up completely on ever getting C2toDS after the download sites just went off the grid, and I wanted KT but the CCSF 2009 was awol as well. Then today I come wandering back into Creatures wiki to see what else I can rustle up and all of a sudden I am up to my ears in dreamed-of files! I even found Terra Nornia for C3DS! Rawk on, peepz!

  45. Also, this is so awesome! Because I always loved C2's graphics, ecology, etc. but it would always start crashing when this odd pie with feet fell under the ground by the gene splicer egg layer, and when I tried to hatch eggs. I've got $50 says *those* errors don't exist anymore, at least!

  46. The music sound file won't unzip on either of my computers. One uses XP's default unzipper and the other 7-zip.

  47. It's not a zip file, it's a RAR file. 7-zip should still be able to open it, though . . . you may have a corrupt download (try clearing your browser's cache and trying again?)