Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GOG Sales!

The sale has ended. Hope you were able to get the games while they were cheap!  You can get them now for $9.99—still a great price. :)

Good Old is having a spectacular sale!  You can get The Albian Years, Exodus, and Creatures Village for 4.99 each!

If you’ve never played any of these titles, I highly recommend making a purchase--particularly if you’ve never played the original Creatures 2.

While C2toDS will be accurate, expansive, and more advanced than Creatures 2, it can never replace the quaint atmosphere and quirks of the original; not to mention it contains the Emerald, Hebe, Golden Desert, Frog and Pixie Norn breeds—arguably the most adorable of all the series!

So while you wait for C2toDS, there’s never been a better time to go snatch up The Albian Years and play the original. Not to mention, the original game is the best sneak peak of what is to come you can find!

Thanks to Jessica from Discover Albia for bringing it to my attention through her thoughtful Facebook and Twitter updates!

To my knowledge, all of these games work on Vista and Windows 7. However, I am not the manufacturer or a sales rep. Please don’t ask questions in my comments section about compatibility, pricing, marketing, or anything equally unrelated to C2toDS and Creatures. Thanks. :)


  1. I might just actually buy those what a bargain 5$ (35 rand for me :) ).

  2. Thanks for spreading the word, Moe! I had meant to let everyone know about the sale sooner, but it slipped my mind. I believe there are still about five days left: Plenty of time to buy one or more Creatures games!

    Definitely get at least one, Pirate-Rob! Just getting a copy of C2 that's compatible with Vista was worth it for me, and I was one of the unlucky ones to buy them at $9.99 each. Good luck!

  3. Obviously can't give any guarentees for everyone, but I purchased 'The Albian Years'(C1&2) some time last year and both work on Vista and Windows 7.

  4. You said a new base release will be coming soon. Yay!

    P.S. When's "soon?"

    Also, I love the garbage dump. It's perfect for my plague ettins. Nice job on it.

  5. A rather odd question.

    What's been done with borland?
    S/he was always one of my favorite C2 critters, does s/he act the same, or been changed in any way? Breeding borlands, with eggs, death and babies would be nice...

  6. The oceans are not large enough to accommodate a family of Borlands. It's behavior will be staying roughly the same as it's predecessor.

  7. As for what "soon" constitutes, well... soon. :D

    Another variant: when it's done!

  8. You see, I've been planing a wolfing, and I'm wondering if I should use the old base agent, with other people's C2 converted stuff, or if the new one will be out soon.

    Also, does the new one have catalogue files yet?

  9. How about this for the borland?

    Have it work like the shrimp from AC.

    By that I mean, have it breed smaller, zanderfish sized babies, one of which grows into the adult as seen in C2.