Friday, September 3, 2010

I’ve Got You Trapped Now! >:D

One of the most frustrating things about my early days of C2, and even C3/DS, were the difficulties of keeping Norns contained to certain areas. 

While people have invented various agents, from force fields, to gadgets and door locks, and even “stopper” agents to deal with the Norn instinct to travel, I felt it would be a good idea to incorporate features directly into C2toDS wherever needed, to aid in wrangling and entrapping creatures.

One of the most important places such features are needed of course, are on the call buttons.  Not only do Norns, by their very nature, become obsessed with lift call buttons, they also use them frequently to run amuck in a world.

Not anymore!  The two main lift call buttons in Albia have been programmed with locking mechanisms that make them invisible and inoperable to Creatures!

And you can also see that they both have input and output ports for programming automated actions related to lifts.  Trigger the cheese machine to vend as soon as a Norn comes down, perhaps?  The limit is your creativity.


I’ve also fixed another extremely irritating, saddening, and common problem from Creatures 2.  In fact, my first Norn, a green Emerald named “Matt” died from drowning…I cried…so Norn safety is important to me.


With newly installed dock moors with safety rope, creatures will never run off the edge again!

And finally, to surely halt all ye meandering nomads and to protect the wayward wanderer, I have recreated the electric gate from the Creatures 2 Object Pack #1.  As an added bonus and improvement upon the original, it has one output port, reflects agents as well as creatures, and the sound of the field can be disabled on each unit. :)  Observe the field here, reflecting (and also activating) a tomato launcher. :)


  1. Yes! Thank you! Ugh, that lift feature will be SO useful.

  2. Note also that the lifts have connection ports!

  3. Now, this I like. While in the original C2 my creatures are usually unwilling to leave the incubator area, and creatures jumping off the cliffs aren't a concern to me because I usually raise amphibious/aquatic creatures, this is C3/DS and creatures are a bit smarter.

    It's great you can turn off the sound of the electric gate here - in C2, the noise was very, very annoying.

  4. Wow.
    As if I wasn't looking forward to this expansion already!
    You, sir, deserve an Internet!

  5. Eeeexcellent.

    I always used bridges in C2 to avoid drowning. That, and they'd get stuck in the stupid boats all the time. By the way, how will the boats function?

  6. I C12Ds one of the functions allowed you to turn off the invisble walls that prevented norns from falling. Will this be in C2toDs? Awesome job though.

  7. Ooh, will there be walls on the little treehouse platforms? They were always falling off of those...

  8. There are walls naturally where there should be walls (like the guard rails on the tree-house platforms, yes), and no walls naturally where they are no walls, like the platform on the desert tree. Those natural barriers will not be toggle-able. [For a number of reasons, some of which including dangerous situations where creatures get stuck and die in bad places if they leap...]

    I haven't fully decided what features will be toggle-able and which not however, as that system will be implemented much later, but more than likely you'll be able to toggle things like the ocean bridge moors and optional content and features which are yet undisclosed.

    Rest assured, I LOVE customization and user features, so there will be *plenty* to do for the Hand as well as Creature in C2toDS. :)

  9. Wow, thanks for the lifts. Such a small improvement has such great potential. (I normally just delete lift buttons, or in the case of C2, move them to the sky..)

  10. When will all this be released?