Wednesday, September 15, 2010

C2toDS! And Then Some…!

I started playing Creatures with Creatures 2, and I remember all the cobs I used to play with, all the cobs I wish people would make, and all the cobs I wanted to make. 

Many of them are lost, sadly, including many of my favorites. But no matter what game you play, most of us have downloaded cobs we feel really should have been standard in the game, or seen things that should be fixed or expanded in any of the series.

Possessing both the authority and ability to shape C2toDS to my liking, I’m taking the creative liberty to expand and add the game, in both small and large ways.

Several previous posts examined various ways I’ve added small features, bee boxes and honey jars, mushrooms, and connectable gadgets, but I’d like to spend a brief moment on some new additions. :)



First up are the mushrooms you see above.  You probably saw them before, tucked into a screenshot, but I never mentioned them directly.  The concept was actually taken from the background of the world itself, and brought to life.  There are several things in the world that I have done this with.

Second in our lineup for this post are a handful of new gadgets for your enjoyment.  They fill various gaps in the world, from vending seeds and fruits, to critters.  Some of them are obvious as to their function, but what do the others do and how do they operate?  Well you’ll have to find out. :)

Our final sneak peek for this post are a lost cob I remade.  As I remember, it was one of the most well done plants for C2.  Sadly I can no longer find the original cob and don’t recall the author, but these pepper plants pay homage to a great plant from my memory and a cob lost to time. Extremely healthy, with various properties depending on the color/ripeness when eaten, they fight disease while filling tummies!  Though slightly hot with a little kick, they are one of the healthiest fruits in the game.


These are just a few of the additions I’ve made to C2toDS. Now I want to know what your favorite C2 Cob is! If you’ve never played C2, what about C1?  And finally, if you’ve never played either of those, what is your favorite C3/DS agent?  And why, of course!


Personally I don’t have a favorite.  I loved a lot of cobs, mostly animals, plants, and cool gadgets, especially those which allowed you to grow more things.

EDIT: I FOUND THE PEPPER COB! on one of my favorite sites, The Creatures of Avalon. :D It was a cob made by none of other than Spirit. :)


  1. Wow, when you said there were a few surprises around the corner you weren't kidding. The last two posts have been extremely exciting.

    I'm kind of with you when it comes to Cobs. My favourites were always new plant or animal life. To a lesser extent some of the new rooms that came with C3.

    They may already exist, but I was wondering if any of the original C2 Norn sprites would make a reappearance in C2toDS?

  2. Someone's already ported 'em, Arch! Mummy's Creatures has a download for almost all of the good ol' C2 Norns. ;)

  3. Aww, yes, I love the rainbow peppers too! They're so pretty and grow quite well.

    Developing agents that are based off of objects in the background image is very, very cool. The C2 background is gorgeous and so detailed; there are a lot of little things in it that I wish I could interact with.

    As for my favorite C2 COBs... hm. I think I'd have to go with the Desert Garden and the Volcano Garden. More fertile ground = awesome.

  4. My favourite C2 cobs were the bridges, flora and fauna. I loved the extra wildlife, especially Wafuru and JayD's tiger barb fish. I always felt the ocean was a little empty, and enjoyed new additions!

    In terms of specific cobs I also loved the plant pack that included the sunflower. That sunflower was awesome.

  5. I remember the pepper cob. :) How cool.

    My favourite cobs/agents for any of the games I think are stuff that adds more life to the world, specifically plants that grow and edible animals. I really liked the working oven for C1, too. There's also lots of fixes and tools I wouldn't want to be without.

  6. I always liked the desert incubator bridge thing, and the barrel room. Neptune's womb, the steamer pot and of course the conversion of the albian bong are also great.

  7. Wow! These additions are really cool. I can't wait for C22DS to be released!
    My favorite C2 COb... Well,I always liked The Cheese Vendor V2 (also found on Creatures of Avalon) and the Shroom Patch made by JayD.

  8. I liked the C1toC2 carrot beetle. Those things ran amuck all over Albia.

  9. I can't wait either!

    In C2, I always liked the little puffer fish. He was so cute and helpful (at least when you didn't have MerNorns around).

    AquaShee's Desert Garden and Live Birth were great too. I haven't played C2 in ten years and they're still the first two agents to come to mind.

  10. Heck, this keeps getting better and better.

    My favorite C2 COBs would be anything and everything that made the oceans inhabitable. Helen's Ocean Expansion/Ledge, the Water Carrots/Doozis, all the fish that have been made....

    I also liked a lot of plant COBs as well. Including the mentioned Rainbow Pepper, which well deserved the remake it got for C2toDS.

  11. Thanks guys and girls :D

    It really is incredibly encouraging when we get your comments. I joked about it on CTopia saying that everytime there's a comment C2toDS gets closer to release, and that really isn't far from the truth. You guys make us want to do more!

    So keep the comments up, and we'll keep the blog posts coming! ;)

  12. The shee dragon:
    A critter/toy which flew, swam and walked around your world randomly or when pushed, and looked like a two inch dragon. It was really cute.

    Also, the color-changing zanderfish, zanderfish that mutated like bamboo berries.

    Last, the aquadoozers

    Those were my fav COBs. They would do well in C22DS

  13. Seed producing aquaplants. My aquanorns are alawys hungry for starch.

  14. looks awesome!

    I agree,many of us seem to like most plant-animal cobs,so do I as well.
    Some fav animals to name:
    C3: Darcie's Dragon,seadragon and the poke'mon critter/toys. the poke'mons because they could interact with each other,as well the creatures and evolve and breed.
    The dragons because they came in all colors and where breedable too,also lower the hoppitys.
    C2: name a few that people haven't allready said: dolphin (breedable) cob, penguin (wich could swimm in the water and walked often after the hand,silkytailed fish,seahorse and seapony cob,Enchanted Butterfly,woobly,some awesome vendors whom I can't remember who made but it made tomato,berry and coconut vendors wich had a neat animation,clabs halloween pack,the freeze grendel.

    C1 : The egg hatching cat,wich came with it's own food bowl..I can imagen it could be more advanced like darcie's stuff
    (probely breedable and tintable,as
    well probely more to interact with and probely could be chased or play along with pitz the dog) the lifekit crystalballs,the flying fish wich was a hiden sprite in c1,finaly made as a cob.stefans strawberry milkshake,a coffey machine wich I don't know who made it. and most of the neat cobs from figs tree site.. Any of this would be neat to see a return of any of this would be neat..

  15. My favourites cobs are the flower pack(especially for the sunflower), the tiger barb fish, and the golden tomatoes. For the critters i have always love the imperial goldfish, the zummy fish, the sea horse, the Scarlet pufferfish, the softshell crabs, and the angel fish(i always love a living sea) and also the pillbug (from the pillbug nest). I also love the two subspecies for the pear tree (the water and the wine pear), and the Bilberry bush. Finally the bananas for the biopod would be nice and helpfull at some times

    PS: most of the cobs i have mentionned are in The Creatures of Avalon, in the...sea horse section.

  16. Most of my favourite cobs are always mentionned, but not the lava gnome. I always loved the lava gnome, because it was interesting to see a little creatures move by a serie of jump, eat cheeses/ants/tomatoes and activate buttons/lifts,and commenting all of his make, with a little grendel noise. I ever see two of it play voleyball... with one of my norns, and commenting each other about the pass (0_0). For be short is like a freeze grendel, but in more little and in red. I have surnomed it... the albian troll.

  17. I have found the site where the lava gnome are :), (it was in a pack nammed Acima Albia ( for be honest the gnome are the only thing i have used from this pack)), and the site are (if you are interested)

  18. gah, I'm so late off the mark!
    But my favourite COBs (as far as I can remember) were the Doctor Pepper vendor, and chicken soup. But tbh I've forgotten so many :( It's rather depressing.

  19. I know i am very late,
    but for me, is the golden tomatoes, because she make a colorful touch of yellow in albian flora. When i play C2, i always place some colony of it, where the normal tomatoes, don't grow, like under the borland sea